About This Site

Round Ball, Round Bat is an outlet for all of the random baseball thoughts that run through my head as I watch a game or think about last night’s game.  Analysis will tend to be the main focus, statistical or otherwise.  I will reserve the right to also include stadium reviews, editorial opinions, definitions of the game, and any other random baseball-related content. My goal is not only to share my love of the game but also to think about baseball intelligently and positively contribute to the analytical baseball community.
Everything you read here on RBRB will be awesome, and the content will be geared towards the lifelong baseball lover all the way to the brand-new fan.  I believe that baseball is truly America’s Pastime and also a great tool that encourages critical thinking.

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About The Name

Baseball is a game rich in history.  There are libraries of statistics that chronicle the performance of the game’s past and current players.   Stadiums and cities are filled with memories of great performances and unbelievable collapses.  Players and teams have won the hearts of fans of all ages since the 1800’s.  But at the heart of this great game is a very fundamental concept – hitting a round baseball with a round bat.

We chose Round Ball, Round Bat to express our love for the simplicity of the game.  The crack of the bat is a sound that signifies the coming of spring and the hope of a new season.  It can bring 50,000 people to their feet in an instant, only to vanish after the final out of the World Series in October.

The actual term refers to an old saying, “it’s a round ball and a round bat, and you got to hit it square.”  Hitting a baseball is often referred to as the most difficult skill in all of sports.

RBRB uses the Thesis theme for WordPress, and it is customized by my awesome, baseball-loving wife.
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