Round Ball Round Bat

Pinch Hitting for Myself

So this site has been on the DL for quite some time now. Probably one of those mysterious strained obliques that make their way around every big league clubhouse at some point in the season. It is now time for Round Ball, Round Bat to be put to use again. This time there will be a little different slant on things. Rather than a family blog with tales of baseball trips and outings, it’s going to change gears and swing more towards the analysis side of the game (according to Nicole, this should read: nerdier) with the occasional rant sprinkled in.

I have an amazing job that is totally unrelated to baseball as well as three little future stars that keep me busy so irregularity is all but guaranteed for now. That said, the plan of a regularly scheduled family blogging night should keep things moving.

With about a month left before opening day, I plan to have a couple posts on some performances from last season before the new one arrives. That’s all for now.

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