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Tragedy in Orange County

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard the news and are as saddened as we are at the death of young rookie Nick Adenhart.

We simply want to express our heartfelt condolences to Adenhart’s family, friends and teammates. It’s times like these that we can only trust in knowing that God must have some plan to bring good out of this tragedy.

Here’s an article from the Angels website in case you didn’t catch all the details.

Amidst all the press coverage, I was surprised to see a softer side of a man that I didn’t have a lot of respect for before, the infamous agent, Scott Boras. The following quote was taken from the article linked to above, and I love how it points out how Adenhart’s last night was one of success and accomplishment.

Of all the sad, thoughtful and poignant sentiments that ensued, nothing spoke louder of Adenhart’s effect than the eyes of agent Scott Boras, which weren’t vacant but wet.

Looking completely distraught when his turn to speak came, Boras took several deep breaths before saying, “Nick’s parents, Jim and Janet, wanted me to convey to the entire Angels organization … ”

Then the tough-as-steel agent broke down, audibly sobbing before again collecting himself to say through quivering lips, “He was a great kid. His life goal was to be a big league baseball player. He’d summoned his father [on Tuesday], telling him ‘You better come [to Wednesday’s game]. Something special’s going to happen.'”

Something special did: Adenhart blanked the Oakland A’s for six innings of what turned out to be an Angels loss.

“After the game,” Boras said, “he was so elated. It was tremendous fun. A great moment for all of us, seeing a young man take a huge step.”

For a beautifully touching tribute, read this blog post by the best friend of one of the other victims who was in the car with Adenhart, Henry Pearson. As someone who has also lost a best friend in a tragic accident, I was especially touched by reading Matt’s post.

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